2m July 2019 pedition to north


With main target KQ21 had very bad luck. When putting up station late 25.7 Thursday night it was T-shirt wx, no wind.

When station was ready, slept few hours because had driven 1250km that day.

But when checking up condx in the morning, started wind and rain and soon wind increased so much that it was impossible to work.

Finally decided to take system down because wx forecast told same condx for next few days.

It was quite a challenge, even to walk in storm with 20..30 degree angle.

QTH was very good, perhaps one of best in the island.





In KP49Eei 27 28. June 2019


So, after 400km drive, just to find that my old good qth KP49ag was filled by fishermens cars

and had to find new one.

I remembered that last time 10 years ago there was quite nearby high place closed by gate,

but this time road was open. Ab 1 km road had few very steep sections but with 4 wheel drive managed to get up.


Qth was excellent, good take off and again sunny t-shirt wx when setting up systems.

Only concern was possible qrm from commercial mast.

On EME when moon was just behind mast, got some qrm, but found silent qrg to work.


Cold wx, wind and rain followed me next day from north and same again when took antennas down

rain, rain and strong wind.


However, managed to make 58 qsos although there was some Au above.


Log file kp49ei_log.txt